Are you looking to spice up your sex life with your partner? Look no further than the 69 position, a classic oral sex position that has stood the test of time. With a history that dates back to ancient times, the 69 position has evolved into various forms, catering to different preferences and desires.

In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to the 10 best oral sex positions, perfect for those looking to explore new ways to pleasure themselves and their partner. From clitoral stimulation to internal and simultaneous stimulation, we’ve got you covered with tips and tricks on how to achieve the perfect angle for mutual pleasure. So sit back, relax, and get ready to take your oral sex game to the next level.

Classic 69


One of the most popular and best oral sex positions is the Classic 69 sex position. This position involves aligning oneself with their partner so that each can give and receive oral sex simultaneously. To achieve this position, each partner should lie on their back facing each other, with their heads positioned at opposite ends.

Once in position, each partner can take turns giving and receiving oral sex. This position is great for all genders and works particularly well as an oral sex position for women. However, a significant height difference between partners can be a barrier in this position, making it uncomfortable for one or both partners. In such cases, using a pillow or sex wedge for support can make all the difference.

While Classic 69 sex position can be great for mutual pleasure, there are some downsides. For one, it can be difficult to focus on both giving and receiving pleasure at the same time. Additionally, maintaining this position for an extended period of time can be uncomfortable, especially for those with neck pain or strain.

Inverted 69


The inverted 69 is a variation of the classic 69 position and involves the man on top and the woman on the bottom. This position is also commonly referred to as the “69 on top” or “upside-down 69”. In this position, the male partner has increased control, which can make it an ideal position for deepthroating and rougher oral sex.

To perform the inverted 69, the woman lies on her back with her head hanging off the edge of the bed or another elevated surface. Her partner then straddles her face with his hips, facing her feet. The woman can wrap her legs around her partner’s back or rest her feet on his shoulders for support. The man can use his hands to guide his partner’s head for deeper penetration, giving him more control.

One of the benefits of the inverted 69 is that it can offer a more intense experience for women who enjoy deepthroating. The position allows for deeper penetration and control, which can be especially pleasurable for both partners. Additionally, the inverted 69 offers a change of pace from the classic 69 position, adding a new dynamic to oral sex.

It’s important to note that like the classic 69 position, maintaining the inverted 69 can be physically demanding and uncomfortable for extended periods, especially for those who have neck or back pain. It is important to communicate with your partner and take breaks as needed to ensure a pleasurable and safe experience.

Swinging 69

If you’re looking to spice up your sex life and try something new, look no further than the swinging 69 position. This position is perfect for those who are lucky enough to have access to a sex swing and want to take their oral game to the next level.

To perform the swinging 69, one partner lays back securely in the sex swing while the other partner bends over with their legs firmly planted on the floor. The partner in the swing is weightless and can be easily moved around for deeper penetration, whether vaginal, anal or oral.

Not only does the swinging 69 offer a thrilling and unique experience, it is also beginner-friendly and relatively easy to pull off with the right equipment. Plus, the weightless nature of the position means there is less pressure on the body, making it more comfortable for longer periods of time.

The swinging 69 also offers the added bonus of being able to include oral play while in a sex swing. If you or your partner has a sensitive gag reflex, this position can help alleviate discomfort and make the experience more enjoyable for both parties.

Sideways 69


The Sideways 69 is a fresh take on the classic 69 position that offers a whole new level of mutual pleasure. Unlike the traditional top/bottom positioning, this position involves both partners lying on their sides facing each other’s genitals.

To perform the Sideways 69, both partners need to lie down on their sides facing each other. The partner on top can then bend their legs slightly and position themselves over the other’s mouth to stimulate them with oral sex. Meanwhile, the partner on the bottom can also bend their legs and use their mouth to pleasure their partner.

The Sideways 69 is flexible and can be intensified by lifting your leg and wrapping it around your partner’s neck or body. This adds more intimacy and pleasure for both.

Moreover, this position is especially ideal for couples who struggle with the traditional top/bottom positioning of the classic 69. The Sideways 69 helps both partners to stay in a comfortable position while still getting the desired level of pleasure. It also helps to reduce neck strain, allowing you to stay in position longer.

Sex Toy 69


The Sex Toy 69 is an exciting variation of the classic 69 position that incorporates the use of sex toys to enhance the experience. While the traditional 69 involves mutual oral sex, the Sex Toy 69 allows partners to add additional stimulation through the use of sex toys.

There are various sex toys that can be used for the Sex Toy 69. One popular option is a clit vibrator, which can provide clitoral stimulation to the person on the bottom while they pleasure their partner with their mouth. Alternatively, a penis stroker can be used to provide additional stimulation to the person on top while they pleasure their partner orally. Love Eggs, which are small, egg-shaped vibrators that can be inserted into the vagina or anus, can also be used to enhance the experience for both partners.

To assume the position, both partners should lie down on their sides, facing each other like in the Sideways 69 position. The partner on top can then bend their legs slightly and position themselves over the other’s mouth to receive oral sex. At the same time, the partner on the bottom can use the sex toy on themselves, or their partner, to provide additional stimulation.

It’s important to communicate with your partner about what you’re comfortable with and what you would like to try. Consent is key in any sexual activity, including the use of sex toys during the Sex Toy 69. Make sure to take breaks and check in with each other to ensure that you’re both enjoying the experience.

Squatting 69

Squatting 69 is a variation of the classic 69 position that requires additional lower back, glute, and quad strength and flexibility. This position involves one partner squatting over the other while both pleasure each other orally.

To assume the Squatting 69 position, one partner squats over the other with their feet planted shoulder-width apart. The partner on the bottom lies on their back with their legs spread. The partner on top can then lower themselves onto their partner’s mouth, allowing for behind-the-belt oral. This position also allows for better ass slapping, as the partner on top has more leverage and control.

Squatting 69 is perfect for focusing on clitoral stimulation, thanks to the direct access the partner on top has to their partner’s genital area. This position can also lead to anal play if desired, as the partner on the bottom can use their fingers or a toy to stimulate their partner’s anus.

However, it’s important to note that Squatting 69 requires lower back, glute, and quad strength and flexibility. Partners should only attempt this position if they feel comfortable and capable. Additionally, communication and consent are key in any sexual activity, including exploring new positions like Squatting 69.

The Standing 69


One of the most challenging yet exciting oral sex positions is the Standing 69. This position requires a significant amount of strength, which may make it difficult for some couples to attempt. So, before trying the Standing 69 position, it is essential to ensure that both partners are comfortable with the physical demands.

The basic setup of the Standing 69 position involves one partner holding the other upside down while standing. The partner being held then wraps their legs around the standing partner’s torso and places their mouth on their genitals to engage in oral sex. This position allows for deep penetration and stimulation, making it a favourite among those who enjoy intense oral action.

However, the Standing 69 position is best suited for petite partners due to the strength required to hold them safely. The standing partner must have good balance and core strength to keep their partner in position safely. Attempting this position with a partner who is too heavy or if the standing partner feels unstable can lead to potential injury.

To make the Standing 69 position more comfortable or easier, couples can use a sex swing to support their partner’s weight. Alternatively, the standing partner could lean against a wall or a sturdy piece of furniture for support. These variations can help take some of the pressure off the standing partner’s arms, which can make the position more comfortable for both partners.

Penetrative 69

The Penetrative 69 position takes the eroticism of the classic 69 to the next level by introducing penetration to the equation. One partner lies on their back while the other straddles their face, offering oral pleasure. At the same time, the partner on top positions themselves with their genitals in front of the other partner’s mouth, while using a penis, dildo, or other sex toy to penetrate them.

This position can be performed with any gender combination and height difference, and it requires trust and communication between partners to ensure comfort and pleasure. It’s essential to discuss boundaries, preferences, and any potential discomfort to avoid discomfort or injury during the act.

It’s crucial to use plenty of lubrication during penetration, especially for anal stimulation, and to emphasise the importance of safe sex practices, such as using condoms or dental dams to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

The added element of penetration to the 69 position provides a unique sensation and can be incredibly pleasurable for both partners. The partner receiving oral sex gets to experience the sensations of penetration simultaneously while providing their partner with dual pleasure. It’s a position that emphasises the connection between the partners and their ability to explore different types of stimulation.

Analingus 69


Analingus 69 is a variation of the 69 position that focuses on analingus, also known as rimming. This position allows for any combination of genders and involves one partner lying on their back while the other positions themselves on top with their face facing the partner’s buttocks. Both partners can engage in simultaneous oral sex stimulation.

One of the main perks of the Analingus 69 position is its function in foreplay for anal sex. By incorporating this position into foreplay, bottom partners can loosen and warm up their anal muscles, making penetrative anal sex more comfortable and enjoyable. Additionally, the partner performing oral sex can also stimulate the prostate, located inside the rectum, which can lead to intense pleasure and even orgasm for some men.

For readers who are interested in exploring anal and/or prostate play, the Analingus 69 position is a great variation to try. However, it’s important to communicate boundaries and preferences with your partner beforehand and to use plenty of lubrication to ensure comfort during penetration.

Threesome 69


Are you and your partner ready to spice things up in the bedroom? Look no further than the Threesome 69 position! This variation on the classic 69 position is perfect for couples who want to add an extra person to the mix.

Imagine lying on your side with your two partners in a triangle formation – each partner performing oral sex on the person next to them. This inclusive position ensures that everyone is involved and getting the attention they desire. Plus, the simultaneous satisfaction for all parties involved can lead to an incredibly pleasurable experience.

To perform this Threesome position correctly and safely, communication and consent are key. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Have everyone lie on their side in a triangle formation with their head pointing towards the other person’s genitals.

2. The person in the middle will start with oral sex on one partner while receiving oral sex from the other partner.

3. Then, the partners on the ends of the triangle will switch places, with the person at the bottom moving to the top and vice versa.

4. Continue switching positions and partners until all parties are satisfied.

It’s important to communicate and establish boundaries before trying this position, especially in a new or casual sexual encounter. Consent is necessary for everyone involved to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

So, if you’re feeling adventurous and want to explore a new level of intimacy with your partners, give the Threesome 69 position a try!


In conclusion, the 69 position is a great way to experience mutual pleasure with your partner. It allows both partners to receive and give oral sex, which can result in an incredibly pleasurable and intimate experience. The 10 best positions listed above are just a starting point for exploring this popular sexual position. Experiment with different angles and depths to find what works best for you and your partner. You can also incorporate other activities into the 69 position, such as touching, massage, and caressing. With a little creativity and communication, the 69 position can be an incredibly enjoyable experience for both partners.