Are you trying to liven up your sexual life with your spouse? You only need to look at the 69 position, a timeless oral sex position. Originating in ancient times, the 69 position has developed into a variety of configurations to suit a range of tastes.

For anyone wishing to try out new approaches to satisfying themselves and their partner, we will provide you with a thorough introduction to the ten best oral sex positions in this post. With advice on how to strike the ideal angle for mutual pleasure, we cover everything from clitoral stimulation to internal and simultaneous stimulation. So prepare to boost your oral sex game by unwinding and sitting back.

Classic 69


Classic 69 is one of the best and most often used oral sex positions. Aligning oneself with their partner in this posture allows each to have oral sex simultaneously. Each partner should lay on their backs facing one another, with their heads at opposing ends, to achieve this position.

Once in position, each partner can take turns giving and receiving oral sex. This position is great for all genders and works particularly well as an oral sex position for women. However, a significant height difference between partners can be a barrier in this position, making it uncomfortable for one or both partners. In such cases, using a pillow or sex wedge for support can make all the difference.

There are many disadvantages, even though the classic 69-sex position might be excellent for mutual pleasure. Giving and getting pleasure at the same moment might be challenging to start. Long stretches of time in this position can also be difficult, particularly for people with strains or stiffness in their necks.

Inverted 69


Using the guy on top and the woman on bottom, the inverted 69 is a variant on the traditional 69 position. Also, this stance is sometimes called the “69 on top” or the “upside-down 69.”. Deepthroating and harsher oral sex might be best done in this position because the male partner has more control.

The lady does the inverted 69 by lying on her back and hanging her head over the side of the bed or other raised surface. Then, facing her feet, her lover straddles her face with his hips. For support, a lady may place her feet on her partner’s shoulders or encircle his back. More control is given to the male by his ability to direct his partner’s head for deeper penetration with his hands.

Women who like deepthroating may find the inverted 69 to provide a more intense encounter. Deeper penetration and control made possible by the posture can be quite enjoyable for both parties. Oral sex gains a new dimension from the inverted 69, which also provides a change of pace from the traditional 69 position.

Like the traditional 69 position, the inverted 69 can be physically taxing and uncomfortable for prolonged periods of time, particularly for people with neck or back problems. To guarantee a fun and safe experience, talk to your partner and take breaks as needed.

Swinging 69

You need to go no farther than the swinging 69 position if you want to try something new and liven up your sexual life. Those who are fortunate enough to have access to a sex swing and wish to up their oral game will find this position ideal.

While the other partner leans down with their legs firmly planted on the floor, one person lays back in the sex swing to execute the swinging 69. The swinging partner is weightless and easily movable for deeper penetration—oral, anal, or vaginal.

The swinging 69 is a fascinating and unusual experience that, with the proper equipment, is also rather straightforward to execute and beginner-friendly. Longer stretches of time are made more pleasant by the fact that the pose is weightless, which reduces pressure on the body.

One other benefit of the swinging 69 is that oral play can be included during a sex swing. This posture can ease discomfort and increase enjoyment for both of you if you or your spouse have a sensitive gag reflex.

Sideways 69


A novel interpretation of the traditional 69 position, the Sideways 69 provides an entirely new degree of mutual enjoyment. In contrast to the conventional top/bottom posture, in this one, both parties lie on their sides and face each other’s genitalia.

Both partners must lay on their sides with their faces toward one another in order to accomplish Sideways 69. To please the other with oral sex, the person on top can next stoop slightly and place themselves over their mouth. The partner on the bottom, in the in the meantime, can also utilize their tongue and bend their legs to win over their partner.

Using your leg up and encircling your partner’s neck or body, you can intensify the flexible sideways 69. This increases both their intimacy and pleasure.

Couples that have trouble with the usual top/bottom placement of the standard 69 will find this position particularly helpful. Sideways 69 keeps both couples comfortable while nevertheless providing the right amount of pleasure. By easing neck discomfort, it also enables you to maintain your posture for longer.

Sex Toy 69


The Sex Toy 69 is an exciting variation of the classic 69 position that incorporates the use of sex toys to enhance the experience. While the traditional 69 involves mutual oral sex, the Sex Toy 69 allows partners to add additional stimulation through the use of sex toys.

One can use the Sex Toy 69 with a variety of sex toys. A clitoral vibrator is a well-liked choice; it can give the person on the bottom clitoral stimulation while they use their mouth to please their partner. Alternatively, while enjoying their partner orally, the one on top can be stimulated more using a penis stroker. Little, egg-shaped vibrators called Love Eggs can also be used to improve the experience for both lovers by being placed into the vagina or anus.

As in the sideways 69 position, both partners should lie down on their sides, facing each other. To have oral sex, the partner on top can next stoop slightly and place themselves over the other’s mouth. Concurrently, the partner on the bottom can stimulate themselves or their partner further by using the sex toy.

Speaking about your preferences and areas of comfort with your partner is crucial. With any sexual activity, including using sex toys during Sex Toy 69, consent is essential. Take breaks and follow up with one another to make sure you’re both having fun.

Squatting 69

A variation on the standard 69 posture, squatting 69 calls for more flexibility and strength in the quadriceps, glutes, and lower back. With both partners verbally complimenting one another, one partner squats over the other.

Assuming the squatting 69 posture, one partner plants their feet shoulder-width apart and squats over the other. Spreading their legs, the partner at the bottom rests on their back. Behind-the-belt oral can then be accomplished by the partner on top lowering themselves onto their partner’s mouth. Because the person on top has greater control and leverage, this posture also makes for superior ass slapping.

The direct access the partner on top has to their partner’s genitalia makes squatting 69 ideal for concentrating on clitoral stimulation. If preferred, this position can result in anal play, as the partner on the bottom can stimulate their partner’s anus with their fingers or a toy.

Squatting 69 does, it should be noted, call for flexibility and strength in the lower back, glutes, and quadriceps. Only when they feel comfortable and competent should partners try this position. For any sexual activity, including trying out novel positions like squatting, communication and consent are also essential.

The Standing 69


Standing 69 is one of the trickiest yet most fascinating oral sex poses. Some couples could find it challenging to try this position because it calls for a great deal of strength. So make sure both parties are comfortable with the physical demands of the Standing 69 position before attempting it.

The standing 69 position is essentially set up with one partner standing and the other upside down. For oral sex, the partner being held then puts their mouth on the genitalia of the standing partner and wraps their legs around their torso. Those who like vigorous oral action find this position to be a favourite since it permits deep penetration and stimulation.

Still, because it takes muscle to hold a small partner safely, the standing 69 position is most suited for them. To maintain their partner ina secure position, the standing partner needs to be strong in their core and have good balance. It is possible to be hurt trying this position with a very heavy partner or if the standing partner feels unsteady.

Couples can support their partner’s weight in the standing 69 position by using a sex swing. As an alternate, the standing spouse can find support by leaning against a wall or a substantial piece of furniture. Both lovers may find the posture more comfortable if these adjustments relieve some of the strain on the standing partner’s arms.

Penetrative 69

By including penetration into the equation, the penetrative 69 position elevates the sensuality of the standard 69. As one partner lays on their back, the other offers oral pleasure by straddling their face. Concurrently, the top partner places their genitalia in front of the mouth of the other, penetrating them with a penis, dildo, or other sex object.

To guarantee comfort and enjoyment, this position can be practiced with any gender combination and height difference; yet, it does require trust and communication between partners. Talking about limits, preferences, and any possible discomfort is crucial to preventing pain or harm during the act.

Emphasizing the need for safe sex practices, such as utilizing condoms or dental dams, to stop the spread of sexually transmitted illnesses, it is essential to use lots of lubricant during penetration, particularly for anal stimulation.

The 69 position offers a special feeling and can be quite enjoyable for both partners with the added penetration. The person having oral sex gives their partner two pleasures at the same time as experiencing the penetration feelings. It is a stance that highlights the relationship between the partners and their capacity to investigate various kinds of stimulation.

Analingus 69


Analingus 69 is an analingus-focused 69 position variation, sometimes referred to as rimming. With this posture, which permits any gender combination, one partner lies on their back and the other is positioned on top, face-to-face with the partner’s buttocks in view. There is simultaneous oral sex stimulation possible for both partners.

One of the main perks of the Analingus 69 position is its function in foreplay for anal sex. By incorporating this position into foreplay, bottom partners can loosen and warm up their anal muscles, making penetrative anal sex more comfortable and enjoyable. Additionally, the partner performing oral sex can also stimulate the prostate, located inside the rectum, which can lead to intense pleasure and even orgasm for some men.

A terrific variation to explore for readers interested in learning anal and/or prostate play is the Analingus 69 position. To guarantee comfort during penetration, it’s critical to discuss limits and preferences with your partner in advance and to apply enough lubricant.

Threesome 69


Are you and your spouse prepared to up the ante in the bedroom? You need to look no farther than Threesome 69! Couples looking to include a second person will find this take on the traditional 69-position ideal.

Imagine having oral sex with the person next to you while lying on your side with your two partners arranged into a triangle. Everybody is involved and receives the attention they want thanks to this inclusive stance. A really enjoyable event might also result in everyone being satisfied at the same time.

To perform this Threesome position correctly and safely, communication and consent are key. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Have each participant lay on their side in a triangular shape, aiming their head in the direction of the other person’s genitalia.
  2. The middle person will have oral sex with one partner initially and then with the other.
  3. Then, with the person at the bottom moving to the top and vice versa, the partners on the ends of the triangle will trade places.
  4. Keep relocating partners and roles until everyone is happy.

Before attempting this stance, especially in a first or casual sexual encounter, it’s crucial to communicate and set limits. For everyone concerned to guarantee a secure and pleasurable encounter, consent is required.

Thus, try the Threesome 69 position if you’re feeling daring and want to go to a new degree of closeness with your companions!


All things considered, the 69th position is a terrific way to enjoy shared pleasure with your spouse. It makes oral sex possible for both partners, which may lead to a very intimate and enjoyable experience. Examining this popular sexual position starts with the 10 best postures mentioned above. Try varying depths and angles to see what suits you and your spouse the best. Other activities, such as touching, massaging, and caressing, can also be included in the 69 position. Both spouses may find the 69th position to be a really fun experience with a little imagination and communication.