Sexual fetishes have been a topic of intrigue and curiosity for many years, but what exactly are they? Contrary to popular belief, a fetish is not just about liking sex or finding someone attractive; instead, it involves a specific sexual arousal in response to an object or body part that is not typically sexual. Lovehoney, the UK’s largest online sex toy retailer, recently compiled a list of the country’s most popular fetishes. The study provided insight into what people in the UK are into when it comes to sexual kinks. In this article, we’ll explore the top 9 most popular fetishes in the UK. Expect to see foot fetishes, Bondage, and Cuckolding, among others, as we delve into the world of sexual fetishes. Whether you’re a sex educator, therapist, or simply someone interested in human sexuality, read on to discover the most common fetishes.


Bondage Fetish

The bondage fetish is a popular kink that involves the restraining of a sexual partner or oneself during sexual activity. Bondage can take many forms, but two of the most commonly practiced techniques are rope bondage and shibari.

Rope bondage is the technique of tying a partner or oneself using rope, whereas shibari is a more elaborate and artistic form of rope bondage that involves intricate patterns and knots. Shibari is often seen as a form of performance art and is appreciated for its aesthetic appeal.

The allure of bondage is the psychological and physiological stimulation that comes with restraining or being restrained. The feeling of being in control or giving up control can be immensely thrilling, and the physical sensations of tightness and pressure can add to the pleasure of sexual activity. Bondage can also involve sensory deprivation, such as blindfolding, which heightens the other senses and further intensifies the experience.

It is crucial to prioritise safety when engaging in bondage play. Participants should have a safe word in place that can be used to signal discomfort or the need to stop the activity. It is also advisable to have a pair of scissors handy for quick and easy removal of ropes in case of an emergency.

Consent and communication are essential elements of BDSM play, including bondage. It is crucial to discuss boundaries and limits beforehand to prevent any misunderstandings or harm. The power dynamics at play during bondage scenes can vary greatly, and participants should be aware of their roles and responsibilities.


Cuckolding Fetish

Cuckolding has become a widely popular fetish for its erotic mix of voyeurism, power play, and sexual taboo. In cuckolding, one partner, often the female, has sex with someone else while their partner watches, either in person or through virtual means like video chat. This dynamic creates a rush of erotic humiliation and jealousy, both for the cuckold and the partner who is sleeping with other people.

Cuckolding can be enjoyed by both heterosexual and non-heterosexual couples in a variety of ways. Couples may engage in dirty talk during the encounter, describing the details to each other and heightening the eroticism. Virtual sex through video chats is also an option for those who want to have a more immersive experience.

There are different levels of participation in cuckolding that vary from simply hearing about the encounter to actively participating. Some cuckolds prefer not to be present during the encounter, while others may want to watch in person or even assist their partner. Some may also enjoy being forced to clean up after the encounter, adding an element of humiliation to the experience.

The cuckold is typically seen as a submissive who is aroused by the humiliation of their partner sleeping with someone else. This power exchange can be intoxicating for many who enjoy giving up control and experiencing erotic degradation.

It’s important to note that cuckolding is a consensual act that involves communication and boundaries between partners. Trust and understanding must be established beforehand to prevent any misunderstandings or harm. With a willing partner and proper communication, cuckolding can be a thrilling and satisfying experience for those who enjoy erotic humiliation and voyeurism.

3.Erotic Electrostimulation

Erotic Electrostimulation Fetish

Erotic electrostimulation or “e-stim” is a form of sexual activity that involves the application of low-energy electrical currents to the body for the purpose of sexual stimulation. While e-stim devices can be used in medical and therapeutic settings, they are often used in BDSM and other sexual contexts.

One of the potential dangers of electrostimulation is that if the electrical current is too high or applied incorrectly, it can cause burns, tissue damage, or even death. Therefore, it is essential to take safety precautions when engaging in e-stim activities. This includes using devices specifically designed for sexual use, following manufacturer instructions carefully, and avoiding areas of the body where electrical stimulation may pose an increased risk, such as the eyes, neck, or heart.

There are two main types of power sources used in e-stim: batteries and electrical outlets. Battery-powered devices are generally smaller and easier to handle, making them popular for use by individuals or couples at home. Electrical outlets are used more often in professional BDSM settings or for more powerful stimulations.

E-stim devices can also come in various forms, including wands, pads, and cock rings, that can be applied to different parts of the body for sexual pleasure. The electrical current can create various sensations, including tingling, pulsating, and even orgasmic contractions.

E-stim is often associated with BDSM and D/S dynamics, with many practitioners incorporating it into their play. It can be used within dominant/submissive relationships as a form of power exchange, with the dominant partner controlling the intensity and duration of the electrical stimulation.

4.Foot fetish

Foot Fetish

Among the many sexual fetishes that exist, the foot fetish or podophilia is one of the most prevalent. It is estimated that foot fetishism accounts for almost 50% of all preferences related to human body parts.

Within the foot fetish community, there are different specific preferences that may vary from person to person. Some individuals are attracted to feet of a particular size or shape, while others are drawn to the adornment of feet, such as nail polish, jewelry, or tattoos. Some foot fetishists find certain sensory features like texture or smell particularly appealing, while others enjoy different types of interactions, such as massage or kissing.

Interestingly, it is a common misconception that foot fetishists have submissive tendencies. This isn’t necessarily true, as people with this fetish have a wide range of sexual preferences, and it is not always linked to dominance or submission.


Masochism Fetish

Masochism is a sexual fetish in which individuals derive pleasure from receiving physical pain or psychological humiliation from their partner. Masochists are known to crave and actively seek out experiences that are considered painful or degrading. This fetish is associated with the desire to be dominated by a partner who inflicts pain or humiliation.

Masochism is often discussed alongside sadism, which is the opposite of masochism. Sadists derive pleasure from inflicting pain and/or humiliation onto their partner. The relationship between sadism and masochism is commonly referred to as BDSM, which stands for bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadism and masochism.

In BDSM, the dominant is typically the partner who inflicts the pain or humiliation, while the submissive is the partner receiving the pain or humiliation. Unlike sadism and masochism, dominance and submission can include a range of power exchange dynamics that do not involve physical pain or humiliation. The terms sadist and masochist specifically refer to individuals who enjoy the exchange of pain.

Other BDSM kinks that fall under the same umbrella as sadism and masochism include bondage, power play, edge play, and role-playing. These kinks all involve a power dynamic in which one partner is in control and the other partner is willingly giving up control.

6.Orgasm control

Sex Swing Fetish

Orgasm control is a BDSM kink that involves regulating or withholding a person’s orgasm, typically through techniques such as edging, orgasm denial, forced orgasms, or ruined orgasms.

Edging is a practice in which a person is brought to the brink of orgasm repeatedly, but then stimulation is stopped before orgasm is achieved. This can create intense sexual frustration and can lead to more intense orgasms when release is finally allowed.

Orgasm denial involves a dominant partner withholding their submissive partner’s orgasm for a certain period of time. This can be done through teasing and denial, where the submissive partner is brought close to orgasm but then stimulation is stopped, or through total denial, where the submissive partner is not allowed to orgasm at all. This can be an incredibly sexually charged experience for both partners.

Forced orgasms involve a dominant partner using stimulation to force their submissive partner to orgasm, even if the submissive partner is not necessarily interested in orgasm at that moment. This can be a form of control and domination over the submissive partner’s sexual response.

Ruined orgasms are often used in orgasm control play, where the dominant partner deliberately stops stimulation or stimulation is removed just as the submissive partner is about to orgasm, resulting in a sensation of intense pleasure mixed with frustration.

Orgasm control usually involves a submissive partner giving up control to a dominant partner, who regulates their sexual stimulation and release. It can be an incredibly intimate and trusting dynamic between partners.

Interestingly, orgasm control practices such as the stop-start method, which involves regularly bringing a partner close to orgasm and then stopping, can be beneficial for those suffering from premature ejaculation. By repeatedly stopping just before climax, the body can learn to regulate and delay orgasm, leading to longer sexual sessions and enhanced pleasure for both partners.

7.Stockings fetish

Stocking And Suspenders Fetish

Stocking fetish is a sexual attraction towards the wearing, touching, or smelling of pantyhose. Commonly referred to as hosiery fetishism, it is a subculture that continues to gain popularity. Individuals attracted to stockings and suspenders fetish delight in the tactile sensations of rubbing and caressing the silky fabric on their skin. They may appreciate the aesthetic value of different colours and designs, as well as the visual appeal of seeing others wearing pantyhose.

Those who have a stockings fetish may find it emotionally appealing to engage in power exchange play with a partner, where the partner wears and interacts with the pantyhose. Some individuals may be aroused by the smell of worn stockings, or even ingestible items, such as used stockings.

Stockings fetishism is not limited to any particular demographic. Individuals with this fetish can be male or female, and can be any race or sexual orientation. Additionally, not all individuals with this fetish wear stockings themselves; some fetishists may prefer to simply handle or smell worn pantyhose.

There are different levels of interaction for individuals who engage in stockings fetishism. Some may choose to enjoy the tactile sensations privately, while others may seek out partners for play or explore their fetish within a BDSM community. It is also possible that individuals with a pantyhose fetish may not choose to engage in any physical interactions at all.

8.Latex fetish

Latex Fetish

The Latex fetish is a type of fetish where individuals are sexually attracted to the look and feel of latex and rubber clothing. This fetish is popular within the S&M community, where individuals may find the smell of rubber arousing.

Common practices of this fetish include wearing skintight latex outfits, using rubber toys or equipment during sexual activity, or incorporating rubber into BDSM scenes.

It’s important to note that the Latex fetish fits within the BDSM umbrella and obtaining the consent of all parties involved is crucial. Communication is key in BDSM relationships, and ensuring that everyone is comfortable with the activities taking place is essential.

9.Pregnancy fetish

Pregnancy Fetish

Pregnancy fetishism is a subcategory of sexual attraction that centers on a person’s desire towards a pregnant body or certain pregnancy symptoms. This fetish involves a strong sexual arousal towards pregnant individuals and the idea of impregnation or being impregnated.

Individuals with a pregnancy fetish may be attracted to the physical changes that occur in a pregnant body, such as the protruding belly, swollen breasts, and lactation. Some individuals may find the idea of participating in sexual activity with a pregnant person to be more fulfilling or erotic.

There are also subcategories within the pregnancy fetishism community. Some individuals may focus on the act of impregnation, while others may prefer to experience the sexual act as a pregnant person. This can lead to a type of age play within the fetishism, where one partner takes on a maternal or paternal role and the other partner may take on the role of a baby or child.

It’s important to note that while this fetish may seem unusual or taboo, it’s important to obtain the consent of all parties involved in any sexual activity. As with any fetish community, communication and boundaries are key to ensuring that everyone is comfortable with the activities taking place.


In conclusion, there are numerous fetishes that individuals may have, ranging from foot fetishes to BDSM umbrella. These fetishes may stem from a variety of personal preferences or experiences, and it’s important to obtain the consent of all parties involved in any sexual activity. While engaging in consensual kink can enhance a person’s sex life and provide a sense of erotic energy, there are also potential risks involved, particularly with activities such as erotic asphyxiation. Overall, it’s crucial to communicate openly with sexual partners, set clear boundaries, and prioritise safety and mutual respect in order to explore fetishes in a healthy and fulfilling way.