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Getting started working as an escort on Girls.co.uk is a very simple process. There are many reasons to become an escort. You can be your own boss and work at anytime you want. If you have always wanted to be pampered and have a high sex drive, this could be the career for you! Furthermore, working an independent escort is 100% legal in the UK. Moreover, the financial freedom it will give you, is most likely going to be like nothing you have ever experienced before. A good UK escort, can make £100’s, even £1000’s of pounds per day.

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First lets look at the general things that can effect how much you can charge your clients & how much money you can make for yourself when working as an escort.

1. The way you look: If you have a good figure. Slim or well proportioned. Busty and firm. You can expect to be more popular and attract a wider range of clients. Size 12 and under is generally the most popular. Anything over that, you will need to be offering a lot of different services to attract a large client base. You will still get work of course, but just not as much. And not as regular most likely. And of course, if you are attract facially, you will will be more appealing. On that note, I will also add. If you work as an escort and you show your face on your adverts. Then you will get a lot more work, than those that cover it. Of course most girls do use blurred photos, for privacy reasons. But if you do not have those concerns, always show your face where possible. Age is not a deciding factor. I know 50 year old ladies making more than 21 year olds! Its all about the overall balance they offer and how good an escort they become.

2. The services you are willing to provide: The more you offer, the more clients you can expect to attract as well. For example girls that offer Anal, Deep Throat, Oral Without (OWO). Coupled with a great girl friend experience. Will not only attract more clients, but have a better chance of retaining them long term. Therefore, building a good regular client base. Moreover, providing more niche services, like submission (BDSM) or being a dominatrix (providing dominate services) can also really boost your income. Girls that have a strap-on and accept cross-dressers will also see more clients that those that do not. You need to understand that clients are looking for what they want. They want to be satisfied and normally like to do indulge in things that they could not ask their girlfriend or wife. So offering as many services as you can, is the right way to produce maximum earnings when working as an escort in the UK. 

3. Your attitude: If you want to work as an escort, then you need to have the right attitude. Your job is to give a good time to your clients. They do not want to interact with someone whose company is depressing. This means they do not want you to be judgemental, moody, cold or act in anyway like a robot. Furthermore, they do not want to hear about your problems. Your job is to listen to them! Moreover, your attitude needs to be friendly, welcoming and relaxed. You need to take everything in your stride if you want to work as an escort. An escort needs to be able to please and make people feel good. This starts from the very first time you speak to a client or meet with them. Remember, many clients are shy and lack confidence and you need to make allowances for this and lead the way where needed.

4. Days and times you work: There are massive regional differences in trade and when the highest levels of demand are. For example, you could work in the day times and not make anywhere near as much as you could on a night time. Or vice versa. If you like to party, then you need to be working nights when the partying is happening. It is important you understand this is a business. So therefore you need to work out what is the best times to work, the best days and the best hours to be available. It can vary day to day and also the winter months can be different to the summer ones. So be sure to experiment and get the most from your escort work. In general an escort can work the hours they want. And enjoy a really flexible working schedule. But remember, do not expect to make a million working 9am to 2pm Monday to Friday. It is not possible to see enough clients to make a massive amount of money. But still the right can escort, can make a lot of money working these hours every month. Those escorts that work longer hours and are available most days of the week. Can expect to make exceptional money working as an escort in the UK.

5. The types of appointments you provide: If you only offer outcalls for example (where you visit the clients hotel or home). You will have a much more limited client base and need to work the hours when business people and party goers are in their hotels. In general business men are working in the day, they are not having escorts to their hotels. That is after working hours! So expect more trade in the evenings and at night times. If you also provide incalls (where the client comes to your apartment for example) then you can expect a much larger demand for your services. Also you can expect a much higher demand during daytime hours. Furthermore, you also need to give consideration to the length of appointments you provide. A new client that has never seen you before, is much more likely to book a shorter appointment. This is so they can see how you will get along together. Most clients that even book long appointments, like an overnight booking. Will only book a girl he knows he likes. So do not drop the shorter appointments, that would be a bad idea! In general the industry standard, is that for an outcall the minimum duration is 1 hour. And for an incall, the minimum is 30 mins. I would advise against offering things like 15 mins quickies as they devalue you and the industry. But all the same, many do them.

6. Your presentation and long term re-investment in yourself: It is important to present yourself to the highest of levels always. Hair, nails, makeup, clothing and lingerie are essential. When you first become an escort, its normal to maybe not have the money to invest in all of these things. But as soon as you got some money, you should invest really. The same goes for those that want a career as an escort girl long-term. Regular clients will get bored if you do not keep the spice in the sex life. You should buy new lingerie and outfits regularly. It is important to always look your best. And to reinvest in yourself regularly. Personal hygiene is of the highest level of importance also. You should always be super clean, fresh and smell like a goddess!

7. The area you work in: Of course, the actual area you are providing your escort services in will have a big effect on the amount you can charge. And the amount you can make. For example London escorts very often charge more money. But the market there is very saturated. Meaning, you will need to work harder and market more to make your money. Where as for example West Midlands escorts make less per hours, but the competition is lower (as well as the living costs!) so overall they can make more. Bristol escorts are in very high demand, it is one area of the UK where the number of clients seriously out ranks the amount of girls working as escorts. This is just a few examples I could give you. But for sure, the area you work in can really effect your earnings.

As you can see already. There are many different things that can effect the amount of money you make from escort work. So be sure to think it all over and become the best possible escort you can.

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Now lets look at the main different ways you can work as an escort in the UK.

There are a few different ways to get started offering your escort services. You need to consider the best option for yourself.

Option 1 – Working for an escort agency. The UK has a vast amount of escort agencies. Of course not all of them are good. And not all of them are ran/managed the same way. So a bit like anything life, you will need to do your research and find a good one. You will only ever be as popular as the escort agency its self. So if you choose the wrong one, you will not be making the money you should be. There are some advantages to working for an escort agency of course. Mainly, it is very easy to get started working an escort with them. If you do not drive, then have drivers for you. Some will also be able to offer you incall to work from. But of course it comes at a cost. Firstly, you will normally not get to speak to the clients firstly. Secondly, you will not get such flexible working schedules. Thirdly, the amount of money you give away to the agency can be very high. Moreover, you will not be able to choose the prices you charge to clients. Lastly, you will not get to choose your own clients, the agency will send you clients and you will not be able to screen them first. I should also mention, that it is not unusual for escort agency owners to be very sleazy. More often than not, they expect you to sleep with them for free.

Option 2 – Working in a massage parlour. In many parts of the UK, there are many massage parlours. Although they are not strictly legal, they are often tolerated and monitored by the local police forces. This is very true in the region of Manchester for example. Working for a massage parlour is very similar to that of an escort agency. But you work from a fixed premises that is offering in effect, incalls only. There are other people in the building of course. So you are never alone. Sometimes the parlours expect you to line up and parade around for clients. The client then chooses which girl he wants to take to the room. So you would have to be happy with this side of it, before you considered working in a massage parlour. Like an escort agency, you will give a large chunk of your money away to the massage parlour owners. Massage parlours are effectively what is commonly called a brothel in the UK.

Option 3 – Become an independent escort. This is be far the best way to work as an escort. You have to be well organised of course. Answer your own phone calls to the customers and place/maintain your own adverts. But you get total freedom of everything. You get to choose your clients, speak with them before meeting. Discuss their requests and provide a more personal service to them. Most importantly you can set your own prices, working hours and target yourself to the right clients for you. This makes it a much more rewarding and happier way to work. You get to keep all the money and make all the choices. Here at girls.co.uk you can start working as an independent escort for free. You simply need to add your escort advert to our UK escorts section and your in business. Its really that easy to become an escort!

Now you know and understand much more about how to become an escort online. You can now decide which is the best option for yourself. Many people wonder if it is possible to know how to become an escort online. It can be done very easily and with very little effort with Girls.co.uk if you use the right approach.

First of all, you will want to make sure that the site that you join has plenty of experience in this type of business (like we do!). Most of the time you will have to search through a few sites before you find one that is the right fit for you. But once you find one, you will need to join the team. It is important that you go over the rules and guidelines when you become a high class female escort. When you become an escort, you can work at times during the day and some evenings as well. It really depends on what you are looking for and what you are willing to do.

Before you become an online escort, you will probably want to check out some of the available online escort services. Some of these sites are free to join and others require a small membership or advertising fee. You will want to spend some time browsing the sites to decide which ones you like the best. After you have decided which site you want to sign up with, go though the process to get yourself signed up.

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