How It Works For Sellers & Service Providers

How It Works For Sellers

Post your adult goods, services, escort ads or adult work jobs. Simply sign up, place your FREE listings. And get responses!

When you are selling goods or services. You select which payment methods you are willing to accept. Moreover, you deal directly with the purchaser. Unlike other adult marketplaces, we are not involved in the transaction at all.

This means that you get to keep all of your money and remain in full control of your goods, services and products. You are not dictated to, made to pay huge commission fees or other nasty things like this! is all about helping you grow and make money without any upfront costs. Most importantly without anyone taking your profits or at least a very big chunk of it!

How It Works For Buyers & Customers

When buying a product or service. You should always do your due-diligence. Taking in to account things like how long the seller has been active with us, their reviews and so forth.

We actively monitor and where needed verify sellers. Making sure that we have no scammers, fraudsters and other types of shit heads active on our website. This protects your money and ensures that only genuine vendors are active on our adult classifieds.

If you have an problems with a vendor or not received your goods. You can reach out to us and we will investigate on your behalf where needed. If we are not satisfied the seller has provided a good service, then we will do what we can to help you. Moreover, we will investigate if the seller can continue listing with us or not.

You deal directly with all sellers and service providers. We do not act as the middle man in any way. That being said, it does not mean we are not here to help you and ensure our platform is a very safe place for you to purchase from.

All big purchases should be done via escrow to ensure total safety for both parties. Its very easy to open and use an escrow account.

How It Works For Buyers

Communications Between Buyer & Seller

Buyer Seller Communication

Inside our website. We have a built in private messaging system, for you to communicate between yourselves. We strongly suggest that you use this communication channel for everything. So if there is ever any dispute or anything else. Everything can be accessed from our side if needed to solve the issue or help you to do so.

Most sellers and service providers do also provide their direct contact details on their listings. But we still suggest you use the internal messaging to establish at least initial contact and then go direct when you feel comfortable to do so. Furthermore, it ensures that you can keep your private contact details hidden if required for a higher level of discretion and privacy. Providing your direct contact details to those you want to give them to via our internal messaging system at a later date. This ensures that you do not loose control of who has your contact details, if you are in any way concerned about that.


Read through our full documentation. And discover everything you need to know about using the platform fully.

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