How It Works For Sellers & Service Providers

How It Works For Sellers

Post your adult goods, services or adult work jobs. Simply sign up, pay the £10 one time listing fee. And get responses!

When you are selling goods or services. Then we will act as the middle man to ensure quality of services for our purchasers. Which means the purchaser pays us, we hold the funds until the order is completed. We then release the funds to the vendors. We can payout via PayPal, Cryptocurrencies, Payoneer or Bank Transfer.

For handling the sales process, we charge a very moderate 10% of the sales price. If for example your selling a product over and over (e.g some form of adult goods or used lingerie etc) you only pay once to list the product and then just 10% off each sale.

For listings that are virtual e.g Adult Work Listings, Properties to rent, Adult Transport and Adult Photographers listings etc that just promote your services or businesses. We simply charge you the one time listing fee, nothing more. If your listing has a ‘buy now’ button on it. Then it is deemed that payment should made via our platform by your buyers.

How It Works For Buyers & Customers

When buying a product or service. You should only complete the transaction via our platform. This is for your own protection! Because we will act as the middle man and only release your funds once we are happy the service/goods have been delivered in full. This protects your money and ensures that only genuine vendors are active on our classifieds.

If you have an problems with a vendor or not received your goods. You can reach out to us and we will investigate on your behalf where needed. If we are not satisfied the seller has provided a good service, then we will get your money returned inline with our terms and conditions.

Many of our sections are just classifieds e.g the Adult work, Adult Transport and property sections etc. Therefore, there is nothing you are actually buying though our platform, so you do not pay us for anything. In this scenarios you apply for the job or inquire about the service directly with the person that is advertising it. We do not get involved in these matters. And you will pay them directly.

Things that you should by via us will have a ‘buy now’ button on their listing page. If it does not, then you need to contact the advertiser directly and sort any payment with them directly.

How It Works For Buyers

Communications Between Buyer & Seller

Buyer Seller Communication

Inside our Adult Classifieds. We have a built in private messaging system, for you to communicate between yourselves. We strongly suggest that you use this communication channel for everything. So if there is ever any dispute or anything else. Everything can be accessed from our side if needed to solve the issue or help you to do so. Furthermore, it ensures that you can keep your private contact details hidden if required for a higher level of discretion and privacy.

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