Burlesque Project 2024

Burlesque Project 2024
Request Type
Looking For Participants, Looking for Staff
Payment Expectations
I am Willing To Pay, Open To Discussion

We are looking for an actress to take a direct creative evolvement in our soft glamour fashion lingerie project.

If you are a creative person and want to directly influence a project’s outcome, and take a prominent role in designing, scripting, and shooting then we very much would like to hear from you.

Whether you are trained as a dancer or actress and want to get knee-deep in coordinating production and the media we work with.

Take influence from our over 20 years of experience in the industry and get down to grassroots involvement in something exciting.

Build confidence in yourself and others and become someone who could influence the project’s path.

The ability to take pride in your appearance and personal details will set the stage alight with your presence.

So for those who like being creative, fine-tuning a script to suit you, taking on the role of a personal manager, collaborating, and taking inspiration from fashion music, movies, and the world around, this is the project for you.

Travel expenses covered.


Naira C.

Hey you need a good girl

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