Upgrade to VIP (Clients)


Upgrade your client profile to VIP status!



This is an option for clients, to upgrade their profiles to VIP status and gain access to new parts of our website and other exclusive features.

When you upgrade your profile to VIP, here are just some of the benefits you will get.

  1. Ability to leave reviews on escorts. Only VIP members can leave reviews to ensure our reviews are totally genuine!
  2. Escorts will know that your genuine and have more trust in you as a VIP member.
  3. Invites to early bird releases of new features on various parts of our website.
  4. Exclusive discounts and free credits on various parts of our website. Increase your fun!
  5. Exclusive Monthly VIP newsletter, to ensure you get the best use of our website. Learn whats new and how to access it. As well as discount codes and free credits!

Become a VIP user today and experience Girls.co.uk like a real VIP!