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How Do I Report A Listing?

You can follow the instructions in this doc: How To Report A Listing

Can I Leave A Review?

Yes you can leave a review on any listing. Reviews can not be turned off by listing owners. You can learn how to leave a review in this documentation: How to leave a review.

Can I Request A Booking Online?

Yes some listings will allow for online booking requests to be made. The listings owner will decide if they enable them or not. To learn how to make an online booking request, please see the documentation on it: Online Booking Requests.

Can I Accept Online Booking Requests?

Yes you can on the categories that have it enabled. To learn how to manage and setup your Online Booking Calendars please see the documentation: How To Accept And Manage Online Bookings.

Can I Add Availability Or Opening Hours

Yes you can add your availability or opening hours to your listings. Its very good if you do so, as your listing will also then appear in any searches where users have selected to search only for listings that are available or open now! To learn how to add yours to your listings, please visit the dedicated documentation on it here: How to add availability & opening hours

How Do I Reply To A Request?

Replying to a user request is very easy. For full details please see our documentation: How to reply to a request

Can I Submit Custom Requests?

Yes you can submit a custom request to our collaborators (The people that list on our website). Please see our documentation on it, that shows you how to add a request, how to make direct requests to just one collaborator and how to manage your requests. You can see it here: How To Add Requests.

How Do I Use Search Alerts?

Search alerts are not only great for storing and running your regular searches in just one click. But also when new listings are adding to our site that match your search, you will be notified by email!

To learn how to use search alerts. Please see our doc on it here: Using Search Alerts

How Do I Use Favourites

Favourites are a great way of saving and easily accessing listings you like the most. You can learn about how to use it fully in our docs pages. Please view How To Manage Favourites.

How Do I Feature My Listing?

You can feature your listing at the time of adding it. But if you want to upgrade it to featured after you have added your listing. Please see our Manage Your Listing documentation. For full details of how you can do it.

How Can I Hide Or Delete My Listings?

You can find out how to hide or delete your listings in our main docs section. Please see: How To Manage Your Listings

How Do I Update Images On My Listing?

Please read our how to manage your listing guide here: How to Manage My Listings

How Do I Update My Listing?

To see how to manage your listings please see that section in our main docs. Please read how to manage your listings

Do I Need A Phone Number To List?

No you do not. If you do not want to receive phone calls from our users. You can place your listing without one and let users contact you via our messaging system. You can also enter other contact details including things such as telegram and whatsapp.

Can I List In More Than Category?

Yes you can! You are welcome to list in as many different categories as you want to. If you want to provide more than one service, e.g Web Cams and phone sex chat. Then you can just put a listing in each category for them.

Can I Add My Business URL?

Adding a personal URL is free, but if you want to add a link on your listing to your Business website. Then you need to purchase the Web URL addon here.

Can I Buy Banner Adverts?

Yes banner ads are available and you can find details here: Banner advertising

Can I Feature My Listing?

Yes you can! You can find more details here: Upgrade Listing

Why Have I Been Asked To Verify?

As a responsible adult platform. Its essential that we keep our website away from the dark side of the industry. Furthermore, it is also important to protect minors and those that are being forced or otherwise illegal in the UK. So if anything comes to our attention or from our own experience doesn’t look right. Or falls in to a high risk category. Then we will request you verify the relevant items in question to ensure nothing nasty is going on. Please do not take offence at being asked to verify yourself, its important to keep everyone safe and secure.

How Do I Verify MySelf?

You can easily verify yourself at the following link: Get Verified

How Much Does It Cost To List On Your Website?

All basic adverts are totally 100% free! There are paid upgrades available if you want to increase your exposure on our classifieds. For example you can upgrade your listing to featured or buy a web-link addon to send traffic to your own website. We also have paid banner advertising to. But if you just want a basic advert, then its totally free!

What Age Do I Need To Be To Add A Listing To Your Website?

You must be at least aged 18 years or over and of full mental capacity. Anyone found trying to list on our website that is under the age or 18 will be report to the their local police.

How Old Do I Need To Be To Use The Website?

To use our platform, reply to listings or to use any function. You must be at the very least 18 years of age.

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