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Independent escort
£ 60
11 months ago
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Dress Size: 6/8
Sexuality: Bisexaul
Nature: Submissive

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Massage parlours have experienced a tremendous surge in popularity over the past decade. This is probably largely due to the advent of glossy magazine covers featuring well toned, beautiful women who had just got out of a swimsuit. The sexy images and provocative headlines have given rise to a new generation of men and women who seek out these types of establishments for their occasional massage or an erotic massage. This has resulted in an explosion of Massage parlours all over the UK

A massage parlour, or massage parlour, is simply a place where massage service is offered for a small fee. In the early years, the word "massage" was never used in the place that was set up for the purpose of providing this type of service. It was called a "brothel" because it was thought to be a place for prostitutes to go to find a man to "service." The brothels then served as a place for the local girls to go to find a "john," or client, who would then pay them for giving him pleasure

These brothels were illegal and therefore a source of income. Massage parlours emerged as a means of making money in the guise of brothels. Massage parlours can also be found in commercial buildings throughout the UK. The massage that was provided in these establishments were usually for sexual services.

When the law finally changed and brothels were abolished, there was no place for the massage parlours to operate. The only option left for them to have was to start offering massages for cash and throwing in the happy endings. This is when the industry really began to flourish. Massage parlours began appearing all over the UK and the business of massage began to become very profitable for everyone involved.